The Secret Garden

THE SECRET GARDEN WELLNESS originated in Glendale, NY and currently is serving Hudson Valley community and greater New York Area. We offer group or private yoga, meditation, Reiki energy healing, Aromatherapy, and Nutritional Coaching.

With our busy lives, between work, family, appointments, social events, community involvements and other activities on our calendars the biggest limitation is time and many of us do not have time to get to a studio. This is where THE SECRET GARDEN WELLNESS comes in. We travel to you to make it more comfortable, convenient and easier so you can practice at the comfort of your home, school, work, or outdoors in the park surrounded by nature.  

THE SECRET GARDEN WELLNESS is dedicated in providing a safe and supportive environment to students of all ages for their personal growth, development, and enlightenment. We customize classes, nutritional planning, and healing sessions to meet your specific needs and to maximize the minimal time you have available.

THE SECRET GARDEN WELLNESS incorporates a variety of classes of all levels to serve the needs of each and every student within the community and beyond. We strive to create sacred space at the comfort of your chosen surrounding where you can relax and practice under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Our goal is to empower and guide you through meditation, intention, pranayama, and asanas.

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